Today’s faster paced business requires you to do more with less. Meanwhile, marketing complexity continues to increase. Limited resources mean that every effort must be more intentional that ever before.

How do you stay in front of marketing and “know” where to focus efforts to drive revenue? How do you use past performance to forecast future results? The answers lie in your marketing stage performance.

Just as a manufacturer refines raw materials into finished products one step (process) at a time, marketing refines suspected buyers into customers one step (stage) at a time.

How does benchmarking your marketing stage performance make a difference on your bottom line?

  1. Gives you greater visibility into marketing to “know” where to focus efforts (what is & is not working) and be more intentional.
  2. Helps you determine which tactics, content & efforts are needed at which stage.
  3. Provides a breakdown of cost(s) and performance results per stage.
  4. Most importantly, it provides a foundation to forecast marketing results.

Simply put, benchmarking marketing stage performance gives you the foundation and information you need to better answer where, what, why, when and how much marketing questions.