When you think of business and marketing data science you typically think of reporting functions within business systems or analytic applications – but, is there be more to it? Does data science go beyond simply the technology used to capture, analyze, visualize and operationalize data? By thinking this way do we ignore what it takes to leverage insights to drive success?

To better understand this we must start at the end. The desired outcome from marketing data science efforts are to discover, communicate and apply knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

Will software applications alone correctly interpret results, communicate that knowledge and foresee competitive advantage? The following cultural drivers are key to successful marketing data science initiatives.

1. Open to Interpretation: Data analysis will always be open to interpretation. Cultures that seek alternate staff interpretations improve results, drive engagement, innovation & adoption.

2. Effective Communication: The ability to transfer knowledge requires effective communication. Cultures that communicate knowledge empower co-workers to achieve.

3. Desire for Knowledge: Today’s business climate changes faster than ever. Cultures with an ongoing desire for knowledge learn from their experience and continually improve.

Simply put, leveraging marketing data science relies as much on technology as it does on culture and interpretation.