As the name implies, desktop automation reduces or eliminates human intervention in manual workflows. Also referred to as Robotic Desktop Automation, (RDA) defines decision criteria, actions & turns multi-step processes into automated workflows.

Desktop automation technology utilizes bots to interact with websites, log into applications, pull data from Excel (or other office programs), transfer files, generate reports, & much more. Some examples include:

  • Regularly pulling information from websites to auto-update reports/dashboards.
  • Running reports, extracting & entering key data into other applications.
  • Retrieving accounts payable pdf’s from email & entering into accounting/ERP.
  • Automatically entering marketing lead data into CRM opportunity fields.
  • Executing your unique workflows.

While workflow automation benefits individual users, the approach can be applied to entire departments such as HR, IT, Customer Service, Sales or Marketing to achieve greater value such as:

1. Focusing on Value-Added Activities: Enabling users to focus on performing customer value-added activities that can only be done by people.

2. Alleviating Staffing Challenges & Reducing Errors: Giving your co-workers “more hours in the day” while improving quality control.

3. Responding to Events in Real-Time: Initiating responses to events or completing entire processes while users perform other tasks.

4. Ensuring 24/7 Productivity: Gaining potential around the clock performance that delivers: nights, weekends & holidays.

Desktop workflow automation can be a great place for organizations looking to begin their automation journey, or simply wanting to test the waters.