As the calendar draws to a close thoughts turn to developing the coming years goals, objectives, revenue expectations and budgets

How do you ensure that you will achieve revenue goals? How do you avoid sunk costs and how closely will your marketing budget support the business outcomes that you need to accomplish?

It’s no secret that the key to marketing success lies in the tactics used to drive sales. But, which is more important at this stage of the game? the budget? or the tactic?

Should you decide what combination of tactics will fit within your budget? Or, should you base your budget on what tactics cost?

Cash and costs influence decision making but they are inputs, not outcomes. Only a forecast looks forward to answer the: what, why, where, when and how much marketing questions.

Marketing forecasting enables you to…

  1. Understand what tactics you need and what you will gain from the investment.
  2. Effectively tie your budget to projected outcomes as opposed to cash & costs.
  3. Measure performance, hold marketing accountable & continually improve.

Simply put, marketing forecasting is the key to achieving your 2015 business goals and objectives. Contact King Innovative to discuss how to get from where you are to where you need to be to meet your